Dear Board of Supervisors:                                                     9/14/2018

Some students from our class went to the Board of Supervisors meeting on September 11, 2018.  We are so happy that you voted “Yes” for funding housing for people with developmental disabilities!!!

Thank you for voting “Yes” to help fund housing for individuals with developmental disabilities. 

Here are our thoughts about your decision:

Maria says: I like the supervisors because I want to get my own apartment someday with my mom.  You all voted “Yes” to funding apartments for us!  I liked going to the meeting.

Matt says:  I think it is O.K.  We were so happy and proud after the meeting.  We went to McDonalds and I got a strawberry milkshake to celebrate.  My dad and step-mom thought it was great that we went to the meeting.

Kevin says: I feel happy and I likethat you voted “Yes.”

Someday I want to get my own apartment with my mom.  I have a SARC worker.  I will have her come to my IEP meeting this year to talk about my housing options.

Daniel says:  Thank you for voting “Yes” I want to get my own apartment someday.  My sister and I will be roomates.  The money will help everyone get a place to live.  When my sister and I get our own apartment someday, I will scare my sister because I love scary stuff (Chucky) and she gets scared.  Ha, Ha. 😊

Nikki:  I live in a group home right now.  I want to have my own apartment someday. I liked the meeting and I appreciate the support and efforts of the board of supervisors.  I can use my voice to tell you what I want.

Thank you,

The students and staff at Connect East SCCOE Post Senior Program

Teacher: Melanie Calabrese