Homeless Case Management

With licensed Residential Care Facilities in our area closing faster than new ones open and apartment rental rates among the highest in the nation, the San Andreas Regional Center’s community of people with developmental disabilities is facing a growing risk of homelessness. Service Coordinators at San Andreas Regional Center can now refer Santa Clara County homeless people with developmental and other disabilities to Housing Choices for more intensive housing case management.  Housing Choices is a participant in Santa Clara County’s Continuum of Care for homeless services, and is able to administer a vulnerability index tool and place homeless people in the community queue for homeless services, emergency and transitional housing, and permanent supportive housing for the homeless.  

When people with developmental and other disabilities become homeless, the greatest risk is that they will lose their connection with San Andreas Regional Center and the services to which they are entitled under California’s Lanterman Act.  Our Housing First Homeless Case Managers work closely with homeless clients with developmental and other disabilities to stay connected with them during their period of homelessness, to educate them about emergency housing resources, and to help them apply for affordable housing properties and Permanent Supportive Housing for the homeless.  Once we move a homeless client into a permanent home, we maintain regular contact to support them in successful transitions from homelessness.