Housing Coordinator

Full Job Description:

Salary Range: $16.34 to $ 24.52 DOA
[5% bilingual differential for Spanish/Vietnamese]


The Housing Coordinator of an assigned county enables people with developmental disabilities to apply for, qualify for, and move in to affordable housing and also apply for, obtain and retain Housing Choice Vouchers or eligibility for subsidized housing. The Housing Coordinator works actively to increase housing opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. Reports to: Housing Coordinator Program Manager

Duties and Responsibilities Include:
Intake, Assessment and Documentation:

• Respond to referrals of new clients in timely manner, including completing the intake form and assessment of the client’s needs and preferences.
• Keep client case files up to date and organized.
• Maintain current client data and keep detailed case notes on HCC’s database.
• Diligently maintain detailed case notes, UCI numbers of clients, and current/accurate data about the client.
• Communicate regularly and effectively with the client, service coordinators, service providers, and support personnel to ensure that clients meet house application requirements and maintain housing when secured. Information and Assistance to Clients
• Identify and present housing options for clients that fulfill their specific location, size, and affordability requirements.
• Assist clients in understanding and signing the lease agreement.
• Assist clients, along with their support staff and family members, in completing applications and providing necessary documents to be placed on waiting lists for affordable housing rental properties as well as the Housing Choices Voucher program.
• Based on their disability and medical needs, assist clients in requesting reasonable accommodations from lease requirements.
• Assist clients in qualifying for housing. This can require: making community referrals for credit counseling/legal assistance, assembling letters of support, helping them apply for eligible financial assistance, and by utilizing SARC or other third parties in paying for all or part of the rent.
• Help clients budget and plan for move-in expenses including the security deposit and first month’s rent. This may require applying for various programs that offer financial assistance for move-in expenses.
• Be available to respond to questions from clients and authorized service providers/family members.
• Facilitate all aspects of the application process once the client becomes a potential qualified applicant. This includes maintaining and administering the waitlist, showing the property to interested clients, and assisting clients who have been selected in submitting the necessary documents to qualify for the unit.
• Ensure that clients maintain housing by responding to request for assistance in lease renewals, lease violations, or re-certifications. Community Engagement and Landlord/Property Manager Relationships
• Be professional in representing HCC while in meetings throughout the greater community.
• Be professional in representing HCC to landlords/property managers with the intention of expanding the network of properties which house people with developmental disabilities.
• Organize regular client community workshops.
• Regularly communicate with property managers/affordable housing developers in order to maintain a current and accurate list of affordable housing/rental properties which are accepting applications for a wait list. Additionally, keep current application forms and other requirements for being places on the wait list.
• Identify opportunities for housing advocacy and collaborate with Housing Development Advocate and Executive Director in pursuing them.

Position Requirements:

• Knowledge of affordable housing/housing issues faced by people with developmental disabilities.
• Active listening skills/commitment to fully understanding the client’s point of view.
• Ability to communicate difficult and complex housing choices to clients who possess a range of listening and processing challenges.
• Ability to maintain a non-judgment, non-reactionary, and non-defensive communication style during challenging discussions.
• Exceptional personal skills that permit the candidate to work with a diverse community and build collaborative relationships with a variety of community stakeholders.
• Critical thinking skills that enable the candidate to make sound judgments in developing and time-sensitive situations.
• Ability to responsibly prioritize competing tasks but also follow through in a timely manner.
• Capacity to follow HCC’s meticulous record-keeping/reporting protocols.
• Ability to follow direction from the Executive Director/Program Manager
• Ability/Desire to work cooperatively as a time with other staff, the client, and client’s circle of support.
• Availability to occasionally work evenings and/or on-call hours.

Physical and Environmental Conditions:

• Ability to engage in extensive periods of computer work.
• Ability to drive to multiple offices and residential locations.
• Ability to sit at a desk for periods of several hours.
• Ability to sit for meetings that may last for several hours.

Minimum Qualifications and Experience:

• BA/BS required [Preferably in Social Services or other relevant field]
• At least two years of relevant experience in providing services to low-income individual. This requirement may be substituted by additional relevant education
• Possess a valid California Drivers License and provide proof of automobile insurance/clean driving record.
• Must be able to pass Department of Justice criminal background check
• First Aid/CPR Training
• Fully Bi-lingual (written and oral) in English and Spanish or Vietnamese.
• Bi-Cultural understanding of Spanish/Vietnamese speaking communities.
• Knowledge of community resources, social services, and benefits administered by the county.
• Preferably experience working directly with people with developmental disabilities.

If interested, please send updated resume and completed application to Dennise@housingchoices.org

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