Housing Retention

Once an individual with intellectual and developmental disabilities moves into one of Housing Choices’ Partner Properties, the next phase of our work begins--with the goal of helping each resident retain their housing and live successfully in their new home.  Housing Choices currently supports housing retention of more than 250 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities living in one of our Partner Properties.

From the time a new Partner Property opens, Housing Choices assigns a Resident Coordinator to work at the Partner Property, meeting weekly with the Property Manager and each resident to learn of any emerging issues that could affect housing stability.  The Resident Coordinator is then in a position to alert the resident and their Service Coordinator at San Andreas Regional Center of any challenges and, as appropriate, recommend a meeting of the individual’s Circle of Support to discuss how best to tackle the problem.  Whether the challenge is paying rent on time, maintaining the unit in good condition, getting along with neighbors and roommates, seeking a reasonable accommodation for a disability, or submitting annual paperwork required by the Property Manager, the Resident Coordinator is there to help the resident be successful.  Our Resident Coordinators also host tenant workshops and social gatherings to contribute to the social dimension of living in affordable housing.