Resident Coordinator

Full Job Description:

The Resident Coordinator is an important part of Housing Choices

Salary Range: $16.00 to $24.00
[5% of salary based on job requirement for Spanish/Vietnamese]


The Resident Coordinator provides information, advice and support to ensure that residents with developmental disabilities live successfully in our affordable partner property communities. The Resident Coordinator works on-site and functions as the liaison between the property manager and the clients in order to

Reports to: Resident Coordinator Manager

Duties and Responsibilities Include:
Information and Assistance to Clients

• Prioritize regular communication about the client’s needs with all relevant parties including service coordinator, service providers, and etc.
• Ensure that residents, on-site support staff, and other relevant parties understand the lease requirements and property rules.
• If needed, assist the residents with the move in process.
• When needed, assist residents in lease renewals, income-recertification and unit inspections.
• Mediate involving residents when invited and help resolve other disputes that may affect the housing status of the residents.
• Assist residents in presenting fair housing issues to the Property Manager – including requests for reasonable accommodations. Help residents and their supporters to provide the required documents,

Information and Assistance to Property Manager

• Maintain open and consistent communication with the Property Manager to prevent lease violations.
• Assist the Property Manager in fully understanding the resident’s needs and circumstances.
• Monitor notices and warnings distributed by the Property Manager. Supplement workshops and flyers to make the information accessible to residents with developmental disabilities.
• Promptly respond to requests by the Property Manager for any information necessary to maintain the resident’s housing status.

Community Building and Community Engagement

• Represent the organization professionally when engaging with the greater community.
• Attend residents’ Circle of Support meetings, annual individual Program Plan meetings, and other relevant meetings.
• Regularly coordinate and attend activities, social functions and resident meetings to foster community and empower residents. Case Management Practices
• Maintain detailed case notes about each client.
• Follow the organization case management practices illustrated in the RC training manual.
• If dealing with a challenging case, discuss it with the Program Manager during regular supervisory meetings.

Position Requirements

• Active listening skills as well as a commitment to understanding the client’s point of view.
• Ability to communicate complicated housing choices to clients who possess a range of listening/processing skills as well as an array of life experiences that may make communicating a challenge.
• Ability to effectively communicate/advocate to the Property Managers, other tenants, roommates, services providers, and etc on behalf of the resident’s needs.
• Ability to carry out challenging discussions while maintaining a non-judgmental and non-defensive communication style.
• Ability to apply critical thinking skills in challenging situations and make sound judgments.
• Ability to schedule/prioritize tasks as well as follow through independently.
• Ability to meticulously follow HCC’s record-keeping protocols.
• Ability to follow directions from the Program Manager.
• Ability to work cooperatively with the resident, other staff, resident’s family, service coordinator, service providers, and other support members.
• Work occasional evenings, weekends, and on-call hours

Physical and Environmental Conditions:

• Ability to engage in extensive amounts of computer work.
• Ability to drive to multiple offices and residential locations.
• Ability to sit at a desk/in meetings that may last for several hours. Minimum Qualifications and Experience:
• AA/Two year degree is required - BA/BS degree is preferred
• Must possess a valid California Driver’s license, proof of automobile insurance, and a clean driving record.
• At least one year of experience in providing direct service to low-income individuals.

If interested, please send updated resume and completed application to Dennise@housingchoices.org

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