“Before working with Housing Choices, I was living at Resetar Hotel.  Housing Choices assisted me into moving to a new studio room after dealing with domestic violence.  Housing Choices staff went beyond their jobs and let me talk about the issues in my life that didn’t have anything to do with housing.  Lizzy, my Housing Coordinator, did a great job of letting me speak about my private issues and she listens to me beyond her job.  She’s opened up a space for me in her heart.  At Housing Choices, they’ve helped me understand how to maintain my living situation and my voucher.  I am very happy that they’ve kept me safe in my place and that I can contact them if I feel unsafe.” 
Veronica. 32


“Before working with Housing Choices, I was attending West Valley Community College, working at Safeway, and living with his parents.  Since moving out, I have graduated from San Jose State with a B.A. in History.  He has also improved his cooking, cleaning, and communication skills.  I am  very pleased with Housing Choice’s roommates selection process.  This process helps with getting roommates that get along with each other to create a better housing experience.” 

Michael O. 


“I used to live with my parents until I moved into Edenvale.  I really needed my own space.  Now I’m living in my own home, in my own space.  I feel better that I am in my own apartment and I have stable staff to help keep my apartment in order.  I have made friends with some of my neighbors and we socialize often.  My life has improved after working with Housing Choices.  My Resident Coordinator is very kind and sweet, easy to get along with and she is a great person, and she is beautiful too.  She is someone I can trust and is easy to communicate with.  She understands people like me that are disabled.  I get support and guidance on my housing stability, she helps me follow up with the property manager, and helps me resolve disputes with me neighbors.  Housing Choices is a great help to me.”  
Victorine B, 54


“My housing situation was terrible before working with Housing Choices. My family was put on a very long wait list for a place at McLaughlin. Housing Choices helped place my family in a very nice unit at Estancia. I like all the features about working with Cathy. She helped my family applied for emergency rent assistance after my husband went through surgery. I would definitely recommend the program.” 

Susanna Herrera


“I appreciate how the resident coordinator is very open minded and understanding without being judgmental. RC services allow me to feel supported in living independently for the very first time.”   



“Before working with Housing Choices, I was living in a small apartment near Bascom with my daughter. The rent was really high so I have to work side jobs assisting the property manager there to get enough money. So far, I successfully signed up and got a section 8 voucher. I was able to move into a 1 bedroom unit at Estancia and has been living here for 15 years and counting. The feature I like most about working with my Resident Coordinator is making jokes with her during check ins. I would recommend the program because residents would have support for housing when they need help.” 

Shelley S, 53   


“My Resident Coordinator is helpful and understanding.  When I come to him with problems he helps me solve them. I appreciate how my Resident Coordinator is accommodating and available when I have problems with my neighbors. I really appreciate  the help and support I get from my RC when I need help understanding how to fill out money orders, maintenance requests, and explaining mail that I receive and have trouble understanding.” 

Alma G.   


“I appreciate that my resident coordinator is LEGIT AWESOME and always available for me to call, text, or email anytime. I appreciate how genuinely helpful and accommodating my RC is in showing that he cares for me. I greatly appreciate how my RC reaches out and reminds me of the many important dates and events of the property.”

James K.

“Cynthia with Housing Choices Coalition is not only extremely knowledgeable in her profession but it is obvious that her heart is in it as well. She genuinely looks out for the best interest of her clients. My sister, Cathy had been trying to move out of her care home for years to an apartment on her own. It took Cynthia coming into Cathy's life to make it happen. It was even more difficult because my sister had a small dog. Instead of trying to convince my sister to move out without her dog, she took every step possible to make sure Cathy was accepted for an apartment with her dog. I was always very impressed with Cynthia. Specifically, one of the many times I was impressed with Cynthia is when she applied for a grant to help my sister with move in costs so she wouldn't loose her place on the waiting list for the apartment. All without us even having to request this. Cynthia also would go above and beyond her assigned role and would help my sister accomplish tasks that no one else would help her with. Cynthia is a true angel on earth to my sister and I. Cathy and I would absolutely recommend Cynthia with high marks.”  

Connie Kenner, sister of Cathy Kenner


“My RC is patient and understanding and not judgmental. I appreciate my RC's support when I come to him with a problem with a neighbor. My RC helps me work out my difference that I have with my neighbors.” 

Andy H.  

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.30.47 AM.png

“Before working with Housing Choices I lived in a transitional housing - Cortez, where they have classes like anger management, cooking, classes that prepare people to live independently in their own apartments.  I like living here because I’ve become more independent.  I don’t have to go to ILS classes, I live in a newer building, I have nice neighbors, and I like having my own kitchen, bathroom, and living space.  I like working with my Housing Coordinator because she helps me when I need something - she follows up on maintenance requests.  She helps resolve issues with neighbors - requesting neighbors to turn the volume down.  She also organizes fun events like bingo - I like winning prizes.  It’s a helpful program and I am in stable housing.”   

Kevin Ball, 61  


“I was asked to leave the property where I was staying.  In which case, I had difficulties in applying for low income housing.  However, thanks to my Housing Coordinator, Juan, I was able to apply for MidPen Housing.  We’ve made a lot of progress.  With Juan, we’ve filled out many applications for affordable housing.  What I like about my Housing Coordinator is that he goes out of his way to help his clients.  He is very friendly and respectful.  He always keeps myself up to date in regards to my housing status.  He helped me apply for low income housing and followed up with me a lot.  I would recommend Housing Choices to others because they do their best to house clients.  Thanks for all your hard work, Juan!”   

Jessica C. 


“I like how my RC helps me fill out important paperwork like reasonable accommodations and maintenance requests. I really enjoy the social events that my RC hosts on the property. I appreciate my RC always being available and accommodating when I have issues to report, especially when it comes to suspicious persons or activity that I see on the property.” 

David P.


“I used to live with my dad where there were too many rules.  Now I live in my own place, pay my own bills, I’m going to be a mother.  Having my own place is fun, I have freedom to play the kind of music I like, cook what I want, come home when I want, live independently and be responsible. I’m looking forward to being the best mom ever!!  I have a gorgeous dog, I love him a lot.  I live with my boyfriend and I love him even when I’m mad at him.  Working with a Resident Coordinator is great because they are there when you need them.  My Resident Coordinator helps me with my housing needs when I need re-certification.  She explains what documents I need, follows up on maintenance requests, and communicates with property management.  She also advises me on issues with my roommate and helps me resolve issues with neighbors and vendors.  She helped me get a full refund from the dog trainer.  I would recommend working with Housing Choices because your Resident Coordinator is always there for you and helps with housing stability.”  

Maggie, 27


“I was living in an independent living transitional housing. I had to go to classes every day and I did not like that, it was very confusing and tiring. I had to go to activities that I didn’t like for example sporting events. The building was very old and the bathtub would get clogged all the time.  Now I live at Monterey Villa in San Jose.  I like being in love and living with my boyfriend in my own place. Now we can make our own schedule and do what we want to do.  I like having a Resident Coordinator because I feel comfortable talking with her about my life. She is nice and friendly, I like her smile.  She helps me stay on top of housekeeping.  She also helps me resolves issues with my neighbors.  It is helpful working with the resident coordinator on housing issues.  I enjoy the events, resident meetings, and workshops.” 

 Linda R, 54

Housing Choices - Testimonials

  “Housing Choices has helped me find a more affordable place to live since 2003. Now I have more funds to buy things that makes my life more enjoyable.”

Gary, 49


  “We were living in a small one bedroom apartment paying $700.  We were living in fear because the property manager was going to evict us.  With the help of Sergio, we found a three bedroom apartment for $830 a month.  When we moved out we did not have any furniture.  Sergio helped us apply for “Seasons of Sharing” and helped us get three beds and a dining table for free.  We do not have to pay them back.  Sergio was very pleasant and easy going.  He was always willing to help our family.  I would recommend Housing Choices because they helped us find an affordable house.  I never thought that I would be living in such a beautiful home.”

 Christian Neri, father of 6 year HC old client


   “Housing Choices has allowed me to live on my own for the first time and is helping me overcome some of the challenges I have faced with moving into a new home.

 Jimmy Duarte, 28  


  “Housing Choices has helped me live on my own away from my parents for the first time. I have met very close friends through Housing Choices." 

Rebecca, 28


   “Housing Choices has helped me live independently away from my parents. I have learned how to do things on my own like find transportation and be active in the community. They have helped me learn how to communicate with my roommates when we have problems, and this has helped me with my friendships outside the house as well.” 

Melissa, 34


"Ever since Christopher moved into Gish Apartments, I've noticed that he is calmer. He no longer has asthma symptoms and no longer has to take anti-anxiety medication. The green environment helps him cope and process more easily. He really likes the building structure itself and is very happy there." 

Kim Dodd, parent of Christopher Dodd


"Housing Choices has changed my life for the better because now I am on my own, and they were there to help me through a tough personal situation. I know that there is always someone there to help me with my housing issues when needed.”

 Candy Hernandez, 44


 "It has been a blessing working with Housing Choices. They have provided a lot of support for us and has allowed us to stay in the area that we want to live in.  Housing Choices has helped Dan and I be able to live together in an apartment by making it more affordable.  Housing Choices gives opportunities to our individuals to be able to live in their own apartment and support us frequently with check ins and helps us obtain accommodations that we need in our home. They plan out activities  that help residents socialize with each other. I think it's wonderful that there's an agency that provides these services to individuals and help them be able to live on their own which may not be possible because of how expensive housing can be in our area." 

Nery Perez, mother of resident Daniel Perez, 31


 “Before working with Housing Choices, I was in a residential care home that twas not a good fit.  The people at the car home treated me like I was dumb.  Working with HCC, I made a lot of progress.  My Housing Coordinator, Cynthia, got everything done for me.  My housing has been approved and accepted at Pensione Esperanza for a studio unit.  I liked working with my Housing Coordinator because she was really nice to me, very helpful, and went above and beyond.  She was a really good working.  I am glad that I got placed with her.  I found housing, got a grant secured for a security deposit, and sent in requests for reasonable accommodation,  I would recommend working with Housing Choices because I was able to find housing.” 
Cathy Kenner, 47   


  “I appreciate the support I receive when I am not able to handle a problem myself. I know that I can contact my RC anytime by phone call, text message, or email. I really enjoy the social events that my RC hosts once a month at the property.” 
Linda H.


“Housing Choices has helped me find a more affordable place to live since 2003. Now I have more funds to buy things that makes my life more enjoyable. I also included his photo but I have not Given him a photo release form yet because I didn't have one at the time. I will meet with him next week to sign the release form.” 

Gary Vandermolen, Age 49


“Antes de trabajar con HC estamos pagando demasiado.  El progreso que hemos hecho es que vivimos en un lugar seguro y limpio.  Lo que me gusta es cuando siempre tenemos una pregunta y ellos ayuda.  Lo recomendaría porque somos tratados con respeto y tenemos un lugar digno para vivir.”