Success Stories

Health, safety, friendships, family formation, stability, privacy, freedom, personal growth, economic opportunity, and the simple satisfaction of crafting a daily routine of one’s own--all of these benefits depend directly on having safe, stable, and affordable housing. Read the testimonials below to appreciate the difference Housing Choices is making in the lives of people with developmental and other disabilities.    



Before being referred to Housing Choices, Veronica, age 32, was living in a Residential Hotel, having had to leave her home because of domestic violence.  Housing Choices helped Veronica find a studio apartment of her own. Veronica says, “Housing Choices staff went above and beyond their jobs and let me talk about the issues in my life. My Housing Coordinator encouraged me to speak about my problems and she listened to me. She opened up a space for me in her heart.” Veronica now feels feel safe in her own home.



Before working with Housing Choices, Kevin, age 62, lived in transitional housing where he was required to take classes that would prepare him for living on his own.  He had to take the classes whether he needed them or not.  Now that he is living in his own apartment, Kevin finds that: “I can be independent without being told how to be independent. I live in a newer building and have nice neighbors, my own kitchen and bathroom, and living space. My Resident Coordinator always helps me when I need something. She follows up on maintenance requests, helps resolve issues with neighbors, and also organizes fun events.”



Maggie, age 27, lives at Monterey Villa Apartments where a Housing Choices’ Resident Coordinator helps her by explaining documents to her, following up on maintenance requests, communicating with property management, and helping her resolve problems with neighbors.  Moving to Monterey Villa has made it possible for Maggie to start her own family,  a life goal that would be difficult without an affordable place to live.  But that’s not the only benefit for Maggie, who says: “Having my own place is fun: I have the freedom to play the kind of music I like, cook what I want, live independently, and be responsible. I would recommend working with Housing Choices because you will have a Resident Coordinator who is always there for you and helps you keep your housing.”